About AULT

 - What is AULT

  1. Established in 1976 as a Pan- Arab Organization based in Amman – Jordan. 

  2. Prime objective to facilitate and develop road transport amongst Arab Countries.

  3. “120” Members of “14” Arab Countries.

  4. Observer Member :

  • Arab Ministers of Transport Council (LAS).

  • Arab Ministers of Tourism Council (LAS). 

  • The Social & Economical Ministerial Council (LAS) .

  • Arab Land Transport Technical Committee.

- AULT’s Involvement in Arab Land Transport Agreements

  1. Drafted the Agreement of Carriage of Goods in Arab Countries.

  2. Co-drafted the Agreement of Passengers’ Transport in Arab Countries. 

  3. Participated in preparing the Multi-Mode Transport Agreement in Arab Countries. 

  4. Liasoning between Decisions – Makers and Operators.

 - Strategic Partnership with IRU

  1. M.o.U in Geneva, 2007.

  2. Conferences and workshops on road transport.

  3. Cooperation on training.

  4. M.o.U in 2010 by which AULT is the Examining  Authority of CPC & ADR courses.

  5. M.o.U in 2011 to implement IDB Technical Grant

  6. LOI in 2015 with Ministry of Transport of Jordan and IRU for the establishment of official entity in Jordan to authorize specialized land transport training courses and to issue diploma and certificates to successful trainees, with future plans to roll out this model to all other Arab countries.

 - Database of Road Safety

Ault has created upon request of Arab Ministers of Transport Council (LAS) a database of Road safety that is covering all Arab countries with full analysis; this database is now accessible to all Arab countries.

- Partnership with UND

Ault has been cooperating with (UND) International Transporters’ Association of Turkey to facilitate land transport within the region for both Arab and Turkish land transporters.

- Studies and Workshops

Ault has prepared many specialized studies and organized many workshops for the aim of improving Arab Land Transport Industry.